Domain Benefits

Short and sweet is the solution with any domain name! To remember an address it must be easy to remember for someone who has only visited you once. The address needs to be closely related to the topic, ie or etc. If you want to order beer and you find a great website called or you will remember it far easier than

Search engine ranking is partly based on the domain name! The search engine robots rank the pages on many different criteria, one of which is the domain name. If you type in a keyword into any search engine you will notice that your keyword is usually in the url.(domain name is the bit before the dot Url is the bit before AND after the dot For the search term “cars”, if your domain is you have the best possible domain. The robots will read into the url and pick up the key word and where abouts it is in the url. The nearer the front the better! The importance of search engine ranking cannot be over stated.

  • Easy to read

When the customer is scrolling down lists of urls they need to be easy to pick out a name at first glance! When your domain name is one of a list of twenty others selling or promoting similar products, it has to stand out! It also has to sound professional like etc

  • Easy to spell

Dont use complicated spelling that might seem like fun to you but is to difficult to remember for someone who only glanced briefly at it when they came the last time.,,, might seem like fun but they are too hard to spell. It has to be just like the English language. If not the surfer will end up on someone elses site!

When you can, you should invest in the best possible name and spend the most money that you can afford. Relating it back to the retail world, think about it like a store location. Having a premium domain name is the equivalent of buying the best shop on the best street with the best foot traffic.


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