Domain Transfer Process


Buyer submits their offer for a domain through our website.


We review a domain offer and if accepted we will send them an email with full payment and transfer details.


Buyer makes payment to us for the agreed amount.

  Domain Transfer

Upon receipt of payment we initiate transfer of the domains to the buyer via Nominet, the UK’s domain authority of which we are a registered member. Buyer then receives email from Nominet with a secure link to change the domains’ current registrant details to that of their own. Buyer will also have option of changing IPSTAG which each registrar has, as a member of Nominet ours is CHARLES, but buyer may like to change this to that of their web host or registrar eg. 123-reg or fasthosts etc.

  Transfer Confirmation

Once buyer has processed the Nominet transfer and added their details, the domains’ new registrant data will be published instantly on the Whois. Buyer can verify that the domains have been successfully registered and transferred to them here > Whois Check


Domain is ready for buyer to use as their new website and email address.